One of our favourites, and the opening track of our Stolen Music CD, we first performed this arrangement in 2017 and have kept programming it ever since.

“The Linos Piano Trio are not so much stealing the repertoire of others as enhancing the medium with their own arrangements. […] The Debussy works a treat in that its inherent languor has ample room to emerge – textures kept light and pliant, with climactic junctures standing in greater relief.” Gramophone, Richard Whitehouse


“These are not the sorts of straight transcriptions that end up sounding like watered-down versions of the originals, but complete reimaginings based on how the music might have been written had it been originally conceived for their forces; and that subtle conceptual shift has yielded dramatic results right from Prélude à l’après-midi d’un Faune’s curtain-raising breathily throbbing siren of a violin line, which is so languorously and seductively snaking, so perfectly poised, that all memory of solo flute is blown out of the water.
It is impossible to pick highlights from this feast of clever textural, timbral and tempo tinkering” The Strad, Charlotte Gardner

“Prach Boondiskulchok, Konrad Elias-Trostmann and Vladimir Waltham play this trio piece as if it were the lost original version of Debussy’s Impressionist masterpiece.” Das Orchester